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Uninterrupted solar voltage stabilization direct charging,

Controller synchronization battery instant voltage
SunReadFarm Technology Co., Ltd established in 2018, is located in Taichung City, Taiwan.
Our company focuses on the R & D, production and sales of MPPT solar automatic buck-boost and tracking-type boost output, post-regulator charging controllers. A new-style solar controller is very suitable for outdoor use of electric vehicles .
SunReadFarm's voltage-stabilized direct charging can measure the battery voltage stop charging function, which can be applied to 1. gasoline car charging 2. EV charging 3. outdoor power generation 4.Dedicated to battery charge and full charge in the garage.
The controller can convert the 12 ~ 23.5V solar panel into the voltage we need to charge the device. Before the device is charged, the mppt automatically steps up or down or stabilizes after tracking.
And using the charging voltage and the normal battery voltage, the two voltage differences are adapted to the diameter of the charging wire, increasing the number of chargeable currents Amp. Charge the battery not to exceed the chargeable charging voltage, and the battery will not overvoltage.Solar generators that simulate car generators use solar energy first, so they can reduce battery DOD and increase temperature after high current output. Extend battery life and increase equipment operating distance.
         No matter what kind of voltage EV or equipment, our company accurately controls the battery charging timing through the charging voltage of the controller and the switch that can set the battery voltage.
                          The industry's only solar voltage regulator with direct charging without interruption, the controller battery measures the voltage synchronously, so it can control the battery voltage, 100% priority is given to using solar energy.

We have developed a control box with a solar panel power of 100W that can directly charge a 12V battery. In the future, we will develop products of 320w or higher power.24V 48V 72V.
Equipped with self-developed ohm remote battery voltage detection technology, the controller can synchronize the battery voltage when the voltage is regulated and directly charged. The maximum support 16awg line is five meters long
This product has passed Ce FCc electronic product safety certification. Simply connect the positive and negative two power lines of the solar panel to the controller, and after converting to a suitable voltage, connect the positive and negative two wires to the battery of the mobile device. . Easy to install.
Two-stage protection: solar charging voltage balance voltage + battery accurate voltage control to the second decimal place. That is, as soon as the battery voltage drops, the controller can synchronize the battery's real-time voltage when the voltage regulation and direct charging is started. The controller does not have to work all the time, and it will not damage the equipment because of the unstable charging voltage of solar energy.
Applied to lithium battery:   maximum chargeable voltage when connected in series = 4.2 X N
                                                                                                       Normal voltage can be set = 3.7 X N
                                                                      Once the battery voltage drops, it will discharge the full current
                                                                                                       battery full charge stop set=4.2X N -0.1Vtg
                    controller can synchronize the battery voltage when the voltage is regulated and directly charged.
                                   Solar charging current / lithium battery rechargeable current = 0.1 ~ 0.9 (small value, high safety)
The charging controller can be applied to electric vehicles, locomotives, golf carts, and industrial equipment requiring constant voltage input. The products are exported to the United States, Canada, Europe and major global markets.
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