SunReadFarm mobile motorized solar charger

   SunReadFarm Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2018, is located in Taichung City, Taiwan.
Our company specializes in MPPT solar automatic lifting and lowering, post-regulation charging, new architecture solar controller development, production and sales.
The controller can convert the 6~22V solar panel into the voltage we need to charge the device. Before charging the device, the mppt automatically raises and lowers the voltage and then charges it.
And use the DC voltage difference, increase the current band, charge the battery no more than the chargeable voltage, the battery will not overvoltage, simulate the solar generator of the car generator, extend the battery life, increase the equipment running distance.
         No matter what mobile device you are, we can adjust the charging voltage of the controller and set the battery voltage value switch to precisely control the battery charging timing.
                          The industry's only solar regulator is directly charged, 100% preferential use of solar current
       We have developed a control box with a solar panel power of 150W that can directly charge a 12V battery. In the future, we will develop 320w, 720w or higher power products.
The product has been tested over and over for a long time. Simply connect the two power cables of the solar panel to the control box. After switching to the appropriate voltage, connect the two wires to the battery of the mobile device. Easy to install and easy to carry,
         Equipped with self-developed ohmic remote battery detection technology, the controller can calculate the battery voltage when the regulator is directly charged.
Two-stage protection: solar charging voltage and pressure + battery accurate control. That is, the battery voltage drops, start the regulated charging. It will not damage the device because the solar charging voltage is unstable.
The charging controller can be applied to electric vehicles, locomotives, golf carts, and industrial equipment requiring constant voltage input. The products are exported to the United States, Canada, Europe and major global markets.
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