The fourth generation new architecture_MPPT 99% solar constant voltage direct charging uninterrupted dynamic battery synchronous voltage control display controller

Solar constant voltage direct charging uninterrupted Dynamic battery synchronous voltage control display controller

SunReadFarm Technology Co., Ltd established in 2018, is located in Taichung City, Taiwan.
Our company focuses on the R&D, production and sales of MPPT 99% solar voltage regulator controllers.
A new structure of intelligent solar energy, mobile EV charge controller.

① MPPT 99% solar charging voltage constant voltage 14.2V
②It can be set to not exceed 12.7V during normal battery voltage charging
③Controller battery precise synchronous voltage control display
④ The third-generation controller fails to precisely control the voltage of the battery and high-frequency float charge & discharge, and is easily damaged.
⑤Most suitable for charging and discharging batteries such as battery cars and outdoor high-frequency battery switches.

SunReadFarm The battery voltage can be set, and the direct charging battery can control the voltage synchronously. Control any battery voltage value.
1. The battery can be charged up to a single solar constant voltage charge, simple BMS controller.
2. Specify the normal battery voltage value V1 (12.7V), the battery power consumption V1 voltage drops, the charging switch is turned on, and the solar constant voltage charges the battery.
3. The solar constant voltage direct charging is uninterrupted, the battery is controlled synchronously, and the charging reaches the specified normal battery voltage value V1, and the charging is stopped
4. Charge only when there is power consumption, direct charging with high efficiency. Reduce battery DoD, less battery temperature increase.
5. Suitable for lithium, lead-acid and other types of batteries, high-frequency discharge, can immediately recharge the battery.
6. Can be used for EV vehicles, car charging generator backup, outdoor power generation, _charging is safer.
7. Added three new power-off modes after the battery is fully charged. Street lights & outdoor use.


Applied to lithium battery:          maximum chargeable voltage when connected in series = 4.2 X N
                                                                                                    Normal voltage can be set = 3.7 X N=V1
                         As soon as the normal battery voltage V1 drops, all solar current will be charged
      Battery synchronous voltage control during direct charging, charging to the specified battery voltage V1, stop charging
                               After the battery is fully charged, the power-off mode can be set to stop
                                                 when the battery is fully charged = 4.2 X N -0.1 volts
                     Solar charging current / lithium battery rechargeable current = 0.1 ~ 0.9 (small value, high safety)

Equipped with self-developed remote battery voltage detection technology, the accuracy of battery voltage control is high.Battery charging cable, the maximum support line is five meters long.
Battery two step protection :
1. Solar charging voltage constant voltage
2. Normal battery voltage drop before charging
The battery in use will never overvoltage V1. It can reduce the temperature increase and DoD of the high current output battery, and block the positive and negative plates of the battery caused by the floating charge and temperature increase of the voltage higher than V1, which will accelerate corrosion and sulfation. Extend battery life, Increase equipment operating distance.
EX: Solar current 3A is ready. When the accelerator of the EV car accelerates, the battery voltage V1 drops       and the charging switch opens.
       The motor needs 5 amperes. At this time, the solar current 3A is charged into the battery and used first. The battery only needs 2 amperes of current to the motor.
       The intelligent control of the battery direct charging synchronous voltage control normal voltage value V1 charging switch can prevent the battery from being in the high-frequency " power supply low voltage" and the battery when the EV car stops and goes"Fully charged high voltage" state, and easy to damage the battery.
       This solar charging method is suitable for the use of the battery connected to the load for power consumption. After the battery is discharged and not in use, it can be set to automatically charge and stop to give supplementary power as soon as possible.
  Better than any solar controller on the market. More suitable for EV solar charging.

This product has passed the Ce FCc electronic product safety certification, just connect the positive and negative power cords of the solar panel to the controller,Convert it to a suitable charging voltage. Then connect the positive and negative wires of the battery terminal to the controller_easy to install.

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